You may have been discriminated against without knowing it.

It may be disguised by concern or excessive kindness but is no less destructive. Sometimes words alone can show an illegal intent. You may have experienced discrimination if you have looked for a new place to live and heard comments like these:

“Sorry, boy and girl children must be in separate rooms.”
“You can’t have our first floor apartment just because you are disabled.”
“It’s not me, but the neighbors don’t like those people visiting here.”
“This is a quiet building. We don’t want kids here.”
“You don’t want to live in that neighborhood. It’s a high crime area.”
“Well, baby, if you can’t pay the rent, maybe we could work ‘something’ out.”
“It’s no longer available,” or “I rented it right after you called.”

Housing discrimination comes in many forms:

  • Providing different services or prices
  • Any form of pressure or intimidation
  • Retaliation for exercising your rights
  • Zoning to keep certain people out
  • Sexual harassment
  • Illegal advertising
  • Discrimination among realtors
  • Block busting
  • Mortgage lending discrimination
  • Private mortgage insurance-sales
  • Secondary mortgage buying
  • Aiding fair housing violations