If you did not make an agreement with your landlord, and the judge ruled against you, you will be given a Notice of Judgment of Possession. At this point, you may appeal the case to the Court of Common Pleas. It is strongly suggested that you obtain a lawyer to assist you with the appeal process. If you do not have a lawyer, contact Community Legal Servicesexternal-icon, or the Lawyer Referral and Information Serviceexternal-icon.

You must file the appeal in the Court of Common Pleas within 10 calendar days of the judgment.

The office is located in City Hall. In order to remain in the property, you must deposit the lower of either the judgment or three months’ rent with the Court of Common Pleas when you file your appeal. If you are income eligible, you may deposit one-third of one month’s rent when you file the appeal, and two-thirds of one month’s rent within 20 calendar days. If you win the appeal, you will get the money back.

To remain in the premises during the appeal process, you  also must continue to deposit your rent directly to the Court of Common Pleas.