In order to get you out of the rental unit, your landlord must file a complaint with Municipal Court.

That complaint is designed to notify you that you are being evicted for one of three reasons:

  1. You failed to pay rent
  2. Your lease has expired
  3. You have broken your lease

You can break your lease by ignoring a written lease requirement, causing significant physical damage to the property or by becoming a nuisance to your neighbors.

The complaint states the date and time of the scheduled hearing before a judge at which time your landlord must prove the reasons for the evictions.

You will have the opportunity to give your side of the case at that time.

You will automatically lose if you are late or are not present when you case is called at the time stated on the complaint.

Once it is filed, the complaint for your case, and the documents supporting the landlord’s claims, can be found online at the Municipal Court claims section on the city website.