posession-imgIf the judge rules against you, the judge will probably award the landlord possession of your house or apartment. This means unless you have filed an appeal and deposited the necessary money to stop the eviction with the court, you must vacate.

At this point, you have 21 days to vacate as follows:

On or after 10 days from the date of the judgment, you will receive a Writ of Possession posted to your door. This document comes directly from the court. This says that you can be put out 11 days from the date of the Writ.

Anytime on or after 11 days from the date of your Writ of Possession, a Sheriff or a Landlord-Tenant Officer will deliver an Alias Writ of Possession. This gives them the authority to put you out, change your lock, or padlock your door.

Once you are locked out of the home, you have 30 days to retrieve your possessions before the landlord can dispose of them.  Retrieving your possessions must be done at the landlord’s convenience.