When your landlord doesn’t repair serious problems, the Warranty of Habitability established in Pugh v. Holmes pdf-icon says you can end your lease.  Usually, you are responsible for paying your rent for the entire term of your lease.  That is, if you have a lease for one year, and you move out two months early, you would still be responsible for rent for those two months.  However, if your landlord breaks the lease by not repairing serious problems, you can legally move out without paying the rent which would have been due for the balance of the lease.

Be cautious!

You should be a aware that if you move before the end of lease, your landlord might take you to court to try to get the balance of the rent owed according to the length of your lease.

To give yourself a chance in court, keep a copy of all notices to your landlord.

Be able to prove that your landlord knew about the problem and failed to correct it in a reasonable amount of time.