TURN believes that tenants have a legal right to a safe and decent place to live.

Tenant Union Representative Network (TURN) is a tenant service and advocacy organization that promotes the human right to housing.

Our goal is to guarantee to all Philadelphians equal access to safe, decent, accessible, and affordable housing. We accomplish this goal by developing and implementing a common agenda – involving TURN leadership, staff and membership, and community allies.

We offer Tenant Rights Workshops, Individual Counseling, Hotline Assistance (267) 443 – 2500 option #3, and Tenant Union Organizing Assistance.

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    Renter Housing Inspections

    TURN offers low-cost housing quality inspection reports and  testing for lead paint hazards  to current and prospective renters.

    Tenant Rights Classes

    TURN provides free workshops and classes that educate tenants about their legal rights and responsibilities.

    Your Legal Rights Are Just A Starting Point

    TURN seeks not only to help tenants understand their rights; we also partner with the community to advocate for a legal system that values housing as a human right. This is done through the work of our union The “Network” which is made up of people who believe in economic human rights. People who want a change. TURN Network members let others know what is going on and how to get involved to help make that change.

    The Network is a Union. Not a labor union but a union of people from ALL AROUND THE CITY OF PHILADELPHIA who are living in rented housing.

    We invite you to join TURN and unite your voice with the many others who want to improve housing conditions by promoting housing as a human right.

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