Run the Water

You may have heard about the water crisis in Flint Michigan where there are high lead levels because of mishandled water supply.  Although we do not have to deal with the same negligence problem in Philadelphia, we still dangerous lead levels in most homes. While our primary issues of lead is due to paint , we, too, have potential issues of lead in our water as a result of old plumbing in the service lines which supply water to homes. According the EPA,  between 10% and 20% of our lead exposure is from contaminated water.

To protect yourself and your children from ingesting lead through the water, make sure you run the water in the morning before using it. Lead content is more often found in water sitting in the pipes overnight. Run the cold water on high-volume tap — never warm or hot — for at least five minutes. Heated water as it comes out of the pipes increases lead levels.

If you can, place filters on your facets to best reduce yourselves and your family\’s exposure to lead.

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