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Several tenants acting together are far more effective than tenants acting one at a time.

While tenants can often use their rights to get repairs made or to stop an illegal rent increase or eviction, existing laws do not completely meet the needs of tenants. In Philadelphia, there are no limits on the size or frequency of rent increases.

Furthermore, many existing laws, such as housing codes, are not adequately enforced.  For these reasons we encourage tenants to think of their legal rights as a starting place not a resting place. And to consider joining TURN’s Network.

The Network is a union. Not a labor union but a union of people from ALL AROUND THE CITY OF PHILADELPHIA who are living in rented housing.

The Network is made up of people who believe in economic human rights and that the landlord/tenant relationship is often unfair. People who want a change. TURN Network members let other tenants know what is going on and how they can get involved to help.

TURN Network members support each other in improving the quality of their housing, improving the fairness in the relationships with their landlords, and overall improving the situation of tenants in the City by:

  • Negotiating with landlords
  • Meeting with government officials
  • Participating in public protests
  • And Educating other tenants about their rights
We invite you to join TURN and unite your voice with the many others who want to improve housing conditions by promoting economic justice.

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