Philadelphia\’s Eviction Crisis

Housing is an internationally recognized economic human right.  The rights of renters to decent housing means very little unless there are accompanied by effective means of eviction prevention and eviction defense.  Low-income renters need lawyers to protect them and housing counselors to educate them and provide them with systems of support.

Councilwomen Helen Gym and Cindy Bass are conducting community hearings to educate City
Council about the high rate of evictions and the toll  of human suffering that results.  Homelessness, poor housing conditions,  increased hospitalizations, children failing at school are just some of the results of rising eviction rates.

Renter representation, education, counseling and rental assistance programs are humane and cost effective way to maintain housing affordability and help to prevent homelessness by giving renters the knowledge and power to protect their rights.  Contact your  City Council representatives to support these important ways of investing in the health and stability of our communities.

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