Gentrification is a national and international phenomenon that displaces low-income persons on valuable property.

The empirical evidence indicates that disadvantaged residents generally are more likely to be harmed by gentrification than others, and those who are unable to remain in gentrifying neighborhoods have negative residential and financial outcomes in the gentrification process.

Disadvantaged movers have a higher risk of moving into even lower-income neighborhoods or to neighborhoods with lower values on quality-of-life indicators than others such as higher crime rates, low-performing public schools, and higher unemployment rates.

Evictions are increasing at the same time that rental prices are increasing.  We have a crisis in our city with regard to housing that we have to fix.  Rental increases and gentrification come with benefits for the some but they also result in community destabilization and increased suffering for others.  We need policies requiring rent stabilization and just cause eviction to make our city a city for all of us.

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