Fundamental to TURN\’s mission is a belief that housing is a human right.  Every individual is entitled to quality housing no matter what one\’s social economic status.  Unfortunately we as nation look at housing as commodity rather than a right.  We put more emphasis on speech and guns than something that touches and concerns every area of our lives: mental and physical health, education, etc.

When we shift our thinking towards a recognition of housing being a human right, we are forced to make changes to our current laws.  It would be difficult for landlords who discriminate on the basis of age, race, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation to evict.  It would be impossible for individuals who rent housing that is subpar to remove their renters because they seek quality of housing.  It would reduce the number of homeless you see in the streets of Philadelphia.

The concept of housing as a human right only makes for a more fair and equitable lifestyle for all citizens.  Our constitution starts off with WE THE PEOPLE.  Housing as a Human Right is a natural derivative of We the People because it includes all and seeks opportunity for us all to enjoy the natural liberties of living in such a democracy.


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