Good Cause Eviction is the Law!

Thanks to the efforts of tenants and tenant advocates all terminations of month to month leases or other leases for less than a year require a written 30 day notice stating a justifiable reason (\”good cause\”).  Possible good causes include:

  • —frequent lateness
  • —committing a nuisance
  • —causing property damage
  • —refusing access for repairs
  • —rejecting a reasonable rent increase
  • —needing to completely renovate the property
  • —moving in a family member

\”Good Cause Eviction\” is a legal policy created to make sure that  leases are not terminated by the landlord for illegal reasons  such as discrimination, harassment, or retaliation.

If you believe that you are being evicted without a proper notice or \”good cause\” file a compliant with the Philadelphia Fair Housing Commission within 15 days.

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