Court Evictions are Starting Again!

After an initial shut-down Philadelphia Municipal Court is starting to put tenants out again.  Cases that were filed before the courts closed will be allowed to go forward with evicting people from their homes. TENANTS WITH OUTSTANDING COURT CASES MAY NOT GET NEW NOTICES BEFORE BEING LOCKED OUT!

It is never legal to evict a tenant without going through a court procedure. However, you still must pay your rent to avoid eviction as the courts reopen.

If your landlord changes your locks, bars your door, cuts off your utilities, removes your possessions, or otherwise forces you out of your home without first going to court, take the following steps:

  • Call 911 and report an illegal self-help eviction to the police. This is a crime under Philadelphia Code 9-1600 (Prohibition Against Self-Help Eviction Practices).
  • Contact the Attorney General\’s Office at 800-441-2555 or visit the website at  The staff will contact your landlord on your behalf.
  • Call 267-443-2500 for the Tenant Hotline or refer to for more information.

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