Does this look like an eviction?

The new Philadelphia Squatter Law allows for the arrest of innocent victims of rental scams. Last June, 2018, Philadelphia City Council passed a new law creating civil penalties and potential arrest of people found to be occupying residential properties without the owner\’s permission.  This law overlaps with existing penalties for criminal trespass and theft that are already on

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Who are we?

The Tenant Union Representative Network (TURN) is a nonprofit tenant service and advocacy organization serving the city of Philadelphia and promoting the human right to housing. TURN educates and organizes tenants in order to promote housing as a human right. TURN is committed to giving individuals and families more control over their housing situation and

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Know Your Rights

Understand Leasing Requirements; how to successfully Get Repairs; and your rights during Evictions. You cannot legally sign away your right to a decent place to live. Learn more about Leasing Requirements Tenants have a legal right to a safe home. Learn more about Repairs An eviction can only be done by landlord tenant officers who

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Join The Network

Several tenants acting together are far more effective than tenants acting one at a time. While tenants can often use their rights to get repairs made or to stop an illegal rent increase or eviction, existing laws do not completely meet the needs of tenants. In Philadelphia, there are no limits on the size or

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Run the Water

You may have heard about the water crisis in Flint Michigan where there are high lead levels because of mishandled water supply.  Although we do not have to deal with the same negligence problem in Philadelphia, we still dangerous lead levels in most homes. While our primary issues of lead is due to paint , we, too,

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