Housing Inspections

Rental Property Inspection

It is important to know whether your rental property is safe and habitable before you  rent it out as a landlord or move in as a tenant.  You can arrange for a certified housing inspector from TURN to inspect your rental property for hazards at an affordable cost. The inspector will provide you with an 8 page housing inspection report identifying needed repairs and check for lead paint hazards in order to protect children who might live or visit your home.

Lead poisoning in children can cause learning disabilities, behavior problems, impaired memory and reduced intelligence. Lead paint can hurt anyone but it is more likely to injure children under six. Because lead paint tastes sweet, children will eat it even when you are not looking. Lead poisoning also poses a serious risk to pregnant women. And lead is everywhere around us: dusty window sills, peeling paint chips, contaminated soil.

Don’t take chances. Find out what you are getting into. TURN provides affordable inspections for landlords and discount inspections for tenants. Landlord may pay for the results inspections requested by their tenants.

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