About TURN

Who We Are

Tenant Union Representative Network (TURN) is a tenant service and advocacy organization that promotes the human right to housing.

We offer Tenant Rights Workshops, Individual Counseling, Hotline Assistance, and Tenant Union Organizing Assistance.

We assist Philadelphia residents with a variety of matters including, but not limited to:

  • Defense in eviction actions
  • Rental unit repair problems
  • Assistance with organizing tenant unions
  • Assistance with housing discrimination claims
  • Referrals for households to access additional support services
  • Subsidy and relocation services to qualifying tenants (only when referred by the City of Philadelphia)

Counseling services are free of charge. There are no income restrictions for Counseling.

Our History

The Tenant Union Representative Network (TURN) is a 20-year-old Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation.  Prior to its name change in 2005, TURN was known exclusively as the Pennsylvania Community Real Estate Corporation (PCRC).

TURN expanded its mission at the time from owning real estate on behalf of nonprofit corporations to advancing and defending the rights of tenants and homeless people. TURN now provides the spectrum of advocacy, educational and supportive services for tenants.

TURN members are part of a city-wide tenant movement to improve the rights and living conditions of people living in rental housing.

Tenant Union Representative Networkis a tenant service and advocacy organization that promotes the human right to housing.

Our mission

The mission of the Tenant Union Representative Network is to advance and defend the rights and interests of tenants and homeless people.

OUR GOAL is to guarantee to all Philadelphians equal access to safe, decent, accessible, and affordable housing. We accomplish this goal by developing and implementing a common agenda – involving TURN leadership, staff and membership, and community allies – according to the following principles.

WE ADVOCATE on behalf of tenants and homeless people to guarantee their rights to decent and affordable housing.

WE ORGANIZE our members, tenant groups, communities, community leaders, and others to fight for justice in housing and assure fair treatment and respect for tenants and homeless people.

WE EMPOWER our members, clients, and the community-at-large through educational activities about attacks on tenants’ rights and the homeless and the need to organize in our own defense, and how to access help and services.

WE FORM AND JOIN COALITIONS with other individuals and organizations when appropriate and in furtherance of our mission.